Diversified Software Solutions, Inc.

The following products have been designed and created to better help the education system.  P.O.S. Express was created to better help the cafeteria. Help Desk Express was created to help problems throughout the school district be solved quicker.

Help Desk Express
Help Desk Express was written specifically for the educational market and its unique needs.  It was designed and field tested in conjunction with a Michigan school district.  As with all of Diversified Software Solutions, Inc. products we worked closely with the end users and this allowed us to incorporate their valuable suggestions to create a user friendly product. 
P.O.S. Express

P.O.S. Express was expressively designed to easily and centrally manage the school cafeteria.

In designing P.O.S. Express we worked very closely with food service personnel to provide features that benefit the food service director, head cashier, cashier, student and parents. 

Other DSSI Products Available 

 Work Orders

 Warehouse Inventory with district wide ordering through the internet/intranet

 Pre-MEAP testing / scoring / reporting

 Grant Application Tracking

 ADHD Management / Reporting

 Budget System – P.O.’s  - analysis

 K-5 Report Card System

 Student Program Tracking System

 Auditorium Scheduling

 ASAP-LAP State Reporting

 Custom application development