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Happy days are here again!

P.O.S. Express was expressively designed to easily and centrally manage the school cafeteria. 

In designing P.O.S. Express we worked very closely with food service personnel to provide features that benefit the food service director, head cashier, cashier, student and parents. 


Key Benefits

Ø          Monitor Account Balance & Student Purchasing through the Internet
Ø          No need for child to carry cash
Ø          Bonus dollars incentive plan
Ø          Automatic allergy notification
Ø          Automatic notification of student balances


Ø          Automated checkout line
Ø          Easily maintain Student accounts
Ø          Easy Free and Reduced student processing
Ø          Easily view/print student account history
Ø          Customizable station menus
Ø          Quick Meal – allows for express  processing of students
Ø          Provide allergy and other information at checkout
Ø          Easy student lookup by name, number or card
Ø          Adult accounts
Ø          Shutdown processing – continue processing students
              even if your network goes down
Ø          Easily take deposit at P.O.S.
Ø          Easy end of day processing
Ø          Easy checkout and end of day reporting


              Maintain system wide pricing
Ø          Adult/Student Pricing
Ø          Centralized station menu control
Ø          Data rolls up to administration for reporting
Ø          Controls can be distributed to schools
Ø          Free and Reduced students centrally controlled
Ø          Bonus dollar incentive program
Ø          Easy end of day processing
Ø          Example reports
                 Reimbursement claim
                 District daily summary
                 Student account balances
                 Needy Reports
Ø          System can be customized to meet your unique food service needs.


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