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Help is on the way!

Help Desk Express was written specifically for the educational market and its unique needs.  It was designed and field tested in conjunction with a Michigan school district.  As with all of Diversified Software Solutions, Inc. products we worked closely with the end users and this allowed us to incorporate their valuable suggestions to create a user friendly product. 

Key Components:

Help Desk Express comes with three primary components:
      Help Desk Command module:
Ø           Call Entry
Ø           Technician Assignments
Ø           Detailed Reporting
Ø           User Customizable System
Ø           Quick save allows Help Desk personnel to log calls quickly
Ø           Easily view call history on caller
Ø           Automatic Technician Paging
      Internet / Intranet Connectivity Module:
Ø          Easily connect through an Internet browser
Ø          Technicians can view assigned tickets
Ø          Customers & principles can check tickets status
             (This will reduce customer call backs)
Ø          Administrators can view all tickets
Ø          Easily escalate ticket to next level of support
      Equipment Inventory Module:
           Track equipment
Ø           Track equipment repairs, in and out
Ø           Track repair history


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